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Rye Coalition
The Story of the Hard Luck Five

If you're a fan of rock music, you likely have heard something of the story of Rye Coalition. Five kids from NJ who met in high school, and like countless rockers before them, started a band in the basement of their mom's house. As their talent as musicians and fan base grew, they released albums on indie labels with producer Steve Albini and toured the country with iconic indie bands such as Trans Am, Mars Volta, and Queens of the Stone Age. Then came 'paydirt', when they were signed to the label Dreamworks and Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) came on as their producer.

However, their story took a dramatic turn when Dreamworks folded and the band went into a tailspin. As Henry Owings of Chunklet.com put it- 'Rye Coalition has had the worst luck of any band I can think of."

Yet, they persevere. In 2011, after a five-year hiatus, the Hard Luck Five came together in honor of drummer Dave Leto's father Jack for his 70th birthday wish. It was an epic night: Rye rocked for nearly three hours to a sold-out crowd at Maxwells in NJ. A DVD of the entire show will be made available soon.

Since 1996 filmmaker Jenni Matz has relentlessly followed the band: on tour, at home, in the studio. Supplemented with the band's own home movies and new interviews this documentary gives full access to the real life of five "meatheads from north jersey" who won the dirtbag lottery, lost the ticket, but are still trying to cash it in.


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