Oral History Interviews

Over the past fifteen years, Jenni Matz has interviewed many celebrities for various oral history projects. She performs the research, conducts the interview, and in many cases also shoots the camera and edits the final product.

Jenni Matz has interviewed:

  1. Andy Ackerman (Director, Editor)*
  2. Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut)
  3. Bea Arthur  (Actor)**
  4. Kenneth Auchincloss (Fmr. Editor-in-Chief, Newsweek)
  5. Ralph M. Baruch (Executive, Viacom)*
  6. Ed Begley, Jr. (Actor)**
  7. Shelley Berman  (Comedian)**
  8. Lewis Black (Comedian)**
  9. Ernest Borgnine (Actor)*
  10. Eddie Brill (Comedian)**
  11. George Carlin (Comedian)*
  12. Jack Carter (Comedian)**
  13. Nancy Cartwright (voice of "Bart Simpson")*
  14. Dan Castellaneta  (voice of "Homer Simpson")*
  15. Dick Cavett (Host)**
  16. Tim Conway (Comedian)**
  17. Professor Irwin Corey (Comedian)**
  18. Norm Crosby (Comedian)**
  19. Bill Dana  (Comedian)
  20. Vin Di Bona (Executive)**
  21. Phyllis Diller  (Comedian)**
  22. Mike Deland (Former regional Administrator, EPA)
  23. Sam Denoff (Writer)**
  24. Michael Dukakis (Former Governor, MA)
  25. Diane English (Producer)**
  26. Barbara Feldon  (Actor)**
  27. Budd Friedman (Founder, The Improv)**
  28. Larry Gelbart (Writer)**
  29. Shecky Greene  (Comedian)**
  30. Dick Gregory (Comedian)**
  31. Charles Grodin  (Actor)**
  32. Dave Grohl (Musician, Nirvana)
  33. Pat Harrington  (Actor)**
  34. Hugh Hefner  (Publisher, Playboy)**
  35. Buck Henry (Writer/ Actor)*
  36. Doug Herzog (President, Comedy Central)**
  37. Arte Johnson  (Actor)**
  38. Rocky and Irma Kalish (Writers)**
  39. Hal Kanter (Writer)**
  40. Don Knotts  (Actor)**
  41. Norman Lear (Producer)**
  42. Rose Marie (Comedian)**
  43. Peter Marshall  (Actor)**
  44. Dick Martin  (Comedian)**
  45. Jamie Masada (Founder, Laugh Factory)**
  46. Jackie Mason  (Comedian)**
  47. Chuck McCann  (Actor)**
  48. Jayne Meadows (Actor)**
  49. Carlos Mencia (Comedian)**
  50. Jan Murray (Actor)**
  51. Howard Murray (Director)**
  52. Bob Newhart (Comedian)**
  53. Louis Nye  (Actor)**
  54. Gary Owens  (Actor)**
  55. Bill Persky (Writer/ Director)**
  56. Tom Poston  (Comedian)**
  57. Carl Reiner (Writer/ Director)**
  58. Jack Riley (Actor)**
  59. Tony Roberts  (Actor)**
  60. Paul Rodriguez (Comedian)**
  61. Andy Rooney (60 Minutes)**
  62. Jay Sandrich (Director)**
  63. George Schlatter (Producer)**
  64. George Shapiro(Manager/Producer)**
  65. Joseph Solman (Artist, "The Ten")
  66. Leonard Stern (Writer/ Director)*
  67. Howard Storm (Writer/ Director)*
  68. Dick Van Dyke (Actor)**
  69. Dick Van Patten (Actor)**
  70. Bruce Vilanch (Writer)**
  71. Betty White  (Actor)**
  72. Fred Willard  (Actor)**
  73. Jonathan Winters  (Comedian) **
  74. Weird Al Yankovic (Comedian)**

* for the Archive of American Television

** for the American Comedy Archives


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Tom Poston

Lewis Black

Eddie Brill

Betty White

Bill Dana

Bill Dana and Louis Nye


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