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"It's just rock 'n roll, man- not a dive to the bottom of the ocean."- Dave Grohl, from R&R Miracle.

This is the bare-knuckle story of "The Hard Luck 5", the long-suffering NJ rock group, and the process they went through to make their album, produced by Dave Grohl and Nick Raskulinecz and aptly titled "Curses" (Gern Blandsten, 2006).

The footage was shot entirely by the band & friends, and is a very candid, uncensored look at what really goes into recording and making an album. It includes studio outtakes and live performances of songs from "Curses", as well as versions that were recorded but never released. It also includes a mockumentary of a parallel, fictitious band called Members Only, with Rye band members taking on alter egos offering a sardonic and humorous commentary on the recording industry. Handing over the resulting 28 hours of footage to editor Jenni Matz, the raw footage here becomes the REAL behind-the-music commentary on the creation of Rye Coalition's CURSES.

Produced by Jenni Matz and Rye Coalition, 2006
Dave Grohl appears courtesy of RCA Records.
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"PussyFootin", Excerpt from Rock 'n Roll Miracle 3:05 @ 23 MB


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